My 3x Ps to design business success

So you’ve bought your design software, you’ve probably done an ROI which has told you that it is worth the investment or you’re going ahead based on a recommendation from a respected source.

But what next? How are you going to make this investment work?

Follow these three Ps and you’ll be well on your way.

People, Processes and Program


People are your number one cost, you need to make sure that they are going to make the software tool work hard. Like any new tool or machine being introduced into your business your staff need to be trained how to use it.
Training doesn’t always cover every possible way that your business will use the software so is your staff member able to develop their skill on their own? Are they able to string commands together to achieve a sophisticated outcome? Are they fully equipped to make this machine sing? Because if they’re not they may well start to get stressed, their output will diminish, they may become ill or even disruptive around the company, all because of a new piece of software. What would you do to prevent this happening?


Processes may on the face of them not cost anything but to implement bad ones can cost a fortune.
For example; do you have a file naming scheme that is easy to follow? Does everyone understand it? Does it allow for errors in typing or interpretation? Where technical documents are being created, do you have a checking procedure, do you have a revision or version process? Do you have a system for keeping everyone up to date with the latest developments? Time spent trying to find information impacts directly on the output of the design office.


The smallest cost to your business relatively is the purchase of the software.

Things to think about here are; is it being fully utilized? Which ties in with the people part. Hopefully you will have the right software for the tasks you need it to fill but as your business grows are you able to utilize any add-ons? Are there any other pieces of software that seamlessly integrate with your existing program that would enable you to improve your product and deliver even more? Are you getting any problems with the software fixed as soon as possible. As the software improves (which it should be continually doing), are you implementing these new capabilities and functionalities?


These points that I’ve raised are just scratching the surface and you have probably thought about them before. But if you start to do something about them right now you will reap the rewards or avoid the cost not too far down the line.

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